The Awash internship program is designed to create opportunities for outstanding university graduates and early career professionals to receive training in marketing, sales and management activities. The program has had 83 participants since it’s launch in 2013. Many have gone on to work for local firms such as Ethiopian Airlines, Bunna Bank, NiB insurance and the Agricultural Transformation Agency as well as to continue their studies or start their own businesses.

I started my marketing internship in Awash in 2015. One of the things which I have noticed is the attitude of the employees. I was also given the choice to have flexible hours while I was working at Awash because it allowed me to meet my family’s needs. Working for Awash not only enabled me to have some work experience, maintaining good relationships with employees and most importantly it helped me economically now that my family and I have better lives. Soon after my internship, I graduated and I now work in electrical engineering for the Government.

Semachew Fasika

After graduation, I was given opportunity to work at Awash Wine SC as a marketing intern. The training that I got has given me a lot of knowledge on how to work, while we are on the field. I believe this program will help fresh graduates prepare for the next step.

Working at Awash Wine SC has tremendously helped me build up my network throughout and I am grateful for all obstacles and challenges, that came out of it because it is the hard things that help you to continue in life. We had a great team and we had built a friendship out of that and I am grateful for that. Currently I am employed at Ethel Advertising and Communication PLC as a project manager and that is thanks to Awash.

Emnet Endihnew

I started my internship in Awash Wine SC in 2015 as a marketing assistant. My time there was well rounded with practical training and space to practice them. I have had the opportunity to experience the market analysis process first hand and been able to perform almost all of the process from data collection, data entry and analysis, event management and sales experiences. Currently I am  the assistant to the managing director for business development for…


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