We take pride in creating wines that people love and enjoy memorable togetherness.


Our vision is to be a recognized African company for quality wines and wine based beverages in 2030.

Our Values


Because football teams show that greatest performance goes with cohesion and solidarity. We also believe than no one is smarter than all of us.

We live this value by:
Considering that collective goals are more important than my personal/ department goals
Supporting others on their weak point
Delivering and being open to constructive and timely feedback
Not blaming or jumping to conclusion about others assumed wrong intentions or aptitude.



Because success emerges out of the love of one-self’s activity. We lives this value by executing our activity as if we are doing it for our own business.

We live this value by:
Executing our activity as if we are doing it for our own business
Aiming to achieve our goal perfectly
Committing to find solution to every difficult situation earnestly
Always having the desire, time and faith in bringing the change we are dreaming



Because it helps accomplish tasks quicker and in a enhanced manner. It also helps to manage better under stressful situations, making it easier to communicate and get along in the workplace.

We live this value by:
Showing gratitude and recognizing the staff for their contribution to the team success Valuing
our strengths – doing our best to get inspired from the areas where others excel
Balancing negatives by building our inner resilience and focusing our energy on successes when we face disappointment or stress.


Because acting is better than not moving, yesterday’s recipes for success have to be constantly challenged in a fast-changing world, innovative ideas and risk taking have always been at the origin of breakthrough achievement.

We live this value by:
Not fearing making mistake but learning from it
Being proactive
Being open to new ideas or new approach, avoiding early censorship, and welcoming innovation by supporting its birth and growth process


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