Here in Ethiopia, we have a proud tradition of wine making that stretches unbroken to the reign of Queen of Sheba and beyond.

Two Greek and Italian families initiated in 1943 GC (1936 Ethiopian Calendar). The two ventures were nationalized in 1973 and regrouped in one entity that was named Awash Wine.

Established in 1936, Awash Wine is Ethiopia’s longest established wine maker. Since that time we have grown to be one of the country’s most loved brands- a market leader that is interwoven with the cultural fabric of the country.

In September 2013, 8 Miles LLP, a private equity fund chaired by Sir Bob Geldof and Mulugeta Tesfakiros, an Ethiopian entrepreneur, became our owners. Since then, significant investments have been made to upgrade facilities and further improve quality. Today, Awash Wine SC leads the Ethiopian wine market.8 bottles out of 10 consumed is from Awash.

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