Awash Wine SC is a proud member and Wine in Moderation supporter. Wine in Moderation is a global initiative with the ambition to become a movement, imparting respect for wine as a product of culture among people who choose to drink and enjoy it as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

The three thematic areas under Wine in Moderation, i.e., Choose, Share and Care symbolize


  • To make informed choices
  • Whether or not to drink
  • To respect others around you and the wine you drink


  • Wine with friends and family, enjoy good moments,
  • Wine with good food and water; find the harmony of taste; sense the wine; discover its unique character; drink slowly; take the time to fully appreciate


  • Because caring about yourself is caring about the others
  • Means enjoying your wine in moderation, avoiding excess and dangerous behaviors; avoiding drinking if you drive, you are underage or pregnant; understanding the drinking guidelines
What is Moderation?

According to the latest scientific evidence*, a low-risk consumption of wine for healthy adults is considered to be:

  • Up to 2 drinks Units a day for women (the equivalent of up to 200 ml wine with 12.5 vol%)
  • Up to 3 drinks Units a day for men (the equivalent of up to 300 ml wine with 12.5 vol%)
  • No more than 4 drinks Units on any occasion.

Alcohol should be avoided in certain situations such as pregnancy, when taking certain medication, driving or operating machinery. These guidelines apply when wine is consumed within a healthy and active lifestyle and the following drinking pattern

  • consume wine with the meals,
  • alternate every glass of wine with water,
  • avoid binge drinking in any occasion.
  • If you have doubts, ask your doctor for advice on your drinking habits and your health.
  • * For more information on the scientific evidence, please visit the Wine Information Council website.
  • Please note that no universal drinking guidelines exist, and a wide range of drinking guidelines are published by authorities around the world. If you would like to know whether national guidelines exist in your country, a comprehensive table with all the International Drinking Guidelines can be found on the website of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking-


When not to Drink

  1. When Should Drinking be Avoided
  1. In some situations, not drinking is also the safest option; this includes:
    • When taking medication
    • In the workplace, Operating machinery
    • When taking part in recreational or occupational activities that require a high level of focus
    • Former alcohol-dependent individuals or those with a family history of alcohol dependence


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